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Star Frontiers
Episode 3 - The Expansion


Character Creation FlowChart updated Jan 13th 1998  
  • Step 1: Roll Stats

    Roll 1d100 for each stat pair
    (STRength / STAmina), (DEXterity / Reaction Speed), (INTuition / LOGic) and (PERsonality / LeaDeRship).
    Dice Roll 01-10 11-20 21-35 36-55 56-70 71-80 81-90 91-95 96-00

    Base Stat 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70

  • Step 2: Choose a Race

    Choose a race from the table below and any races your Game Master has devised, and apply the appropriate stat modifiers as listed.

    Human ****
    Dralasite +5-5+0+0
    Vrusk -5+5+0+0
    Yazirian -10+5+5+0
    Humma +10+0+0-10
    Ifshnit -5+0+5+0
    Osakar +5+5+0-10
    Jakar +5-5-5+5
    Demu +5-5+5-5

    Officially Humans may add 5 points to any one ability of one pair, in our games Humans add 5 points to both abilities of one pair.

  • Step 3: Racial Special Abilities

    All non-humans have a special ability or two. The abilities listed with a base percentage may be increased with experience points.

    • Dralasite: Lie Detection (5%), Elasticity
    • Vrusk: Comprehension (15%), Ambidexterity
    • Yazirian: Battle Rage (5%), Gliding, Night Vision
    • Humma: Spring Charge, Poison Resistance, Prehensile Tail
    • Ifshnit: Highly Developed Sight, Innate Skill
    • Osakar: Highly Developed Smell, Natural Linguist
    • Jakar: Intimidation (5%), Horns
    • Demu: Carapace

  • Step 4: Determine Homeworld

    Determine some of the physical specifics about the character's homeworld (population, society and tech are chosen, not rolled) and adjust stats appropriately. HomeWorld Generation can be found elsewhere on this site.

  • Step 5: Determine Initiative Modifier

    Initiative Modifier is determined by dividing the character's RS by 10, rounding fractions up. This number is added to all initiative rolls made by the character.

  • Step 6: Determine Hand To Hand Damage

    Hand To Hand Damage is based on a character's Strength stat and is added to all melee and brawling attacks that use non-energy weapons, and is the base damage done by the character in bare-hand combat.
    Strength Stat 01-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-00

    HTH Dmg 1d3 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10

  • Step 7: Choose a Profession

    Each character then chooses a profession from Enforcer, TechEx, SciSpec, Explorer, and possibly Mentalist if your Game Master is allowing them. Spend 10 XP on skills from that profession and gain that professions' special skill.

  • Step 8: Determine Starting Funds

    Classic Star Frontiers gives each character Cr200+d100. In our games characters begin with Cr1000+2d100.


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