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Episode 3 - The Expansion


The Brew updated Jan 17th 1998  
With all these characters meeting up with each other, and checking out the employment opportunities at bars, it's only a matter of time before a character decides to buy something to drink. So what do they order?

  • Ginners are fruit-juices poured over ice-cubes of frozen alcohol. Relatively rare because the bar has to have freezers cold enough to freeze 40% alcohol. Cr7

  • Yazirian Ale is a perenial favourite much like Terran Beer, but considered less offensive to most space-faring races. Cr1 Draft, Cr3 Bottle, Cr5 Gravity Bulb

  • Terran Beer is found to resemble Humma urine, according to most Frontier sources, but is still drunk by some humans. Cr1 Draft, Cr3 Bottle, Cr5 Gravity Bulb

  • Grapal Wine is made by, and a favourite of, Dralasites. Made of the juices from the crushed stems of the quite sugary Grapal Plant, the wine is a pale green in color and is somewhat fruity in flavour. Cr5 Glass, Cr8 Gravity Bulb

  • Damage Control was made popular by spacer mechanics. It's a whiskey (any whiskey) with a greasy nut thrown in for that "metallic" taste that they seem to enjoy so. Cr4 glass

  • The Killer is a popular drink with the corporate types. The bartender gives the person 5 metal rings which are then thrown at the various hard liquors behind the bar. The barkeep then mixes all the hooped drinks into one glass. Cr10

  • Crushed Vrusk is a mixed drink using four different flavours of a Vrusk-created hard liquor (popularly known as BugEye) mixed with the crushed pulp of a local sweet fruit (typically pineapple or mango). Since the drink contains a LOT of liquor, it counts as three drinks on the table below. Cr9

  • Osakar Gor (thanks to is a favorite of Osakar and Humma and is optimized for their metabolisms. Dralasites drinking of it treat each shot as 8 drinks, and other races treat it as S8/T3 poison per ounce ingested (but still get the normal "benefits" of drinking alcohol). Cr8 Glass, Cr10 Gravity Bulb

  • Luthian Goph (thanks to is a mixture of human vodka, Vrusk ale, and three different herbs and spices (the recipe is different from bar to bar). Each glass or gravity bulb is the equivalent of 2 drinks. Cr7 Glass, Cr 15 Gravity Bulb

  • Jahl is the cheapest strong liquor to be found on StarBase HellHound, and is only available at liquor stores and the very cheapest bars. Clear in color and supposedly made of some local "grain" (interesting since HellHound grain is carefully rationed), each one ounce shot of Jahl counts as 1.5 drinks on the table below. Cr1 Glass, Cr15 40oz Bottle

(thanks to the Night City Sourcebook from CyberPunk for some of these)

Getting Pished updated Jan 14th 1998  
Once the alcohol has been purchased and is making it's way around the table, it's time to find out what it's going to do to your favourite Yazirian.

When checking the number of drinks your character has had, reduce it by 1 for every full 20 points of STA you have. In addition, reduce the number of drinks by 1 for every hour that has passed since you began drinking.

1-5 DEX/RS, +5 PER
2-5 DEX/RS, -5 INT/LOG, +10 PER
3-10 DEX/RS, -10 INT/LOG, +5 PER
4-20 DEX/RS, -20 INT, -30 LOG
5-30 DEX/RS, -30 INT, -45 LOG
6-40 DEX/RS, -40 INT, -60 LOG, STA save vs KO @ +20
7-50 DEX/RS, -50 INT, -75 LOG, STA save vs KO
8-60 DEX/RS, -60 INT, -90 LOG, STA save vs KO @ -20
9-70 DEX/RS, -70 INT, zero LOG, STA save vs KO @ -40
10-80 DEX/RS, -80 INT, zero LOG, STA save vs KO @ -60

And of course this brings up a new skill, Drinking.

Every level of drinking allows the character to ignore one additional drink beyond her STA limit.

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