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Polophromalene XT-7 updated Mar 5th 1998  
[HTL] - Derived from an algae alkaloid, polophromalene is a mild neurotoxin to most races, causing paralysis and illness. Manifested symptoms in most races include a full body rash and major muscle spasms leading to paralysis. It's most important trait is its effects over the mutability of the Dralasite form.

A dralasite under the influence of Polophromalene must make a STA check. If the roll is failed, the Dralasite enters a random series of spasms, producing and eliminating limbs without any control over the effect. The Dralasite is effectively incapacitated by this effect. If the check is succeeded, minor involuntary spasms will still occur, reducing the Dral's DEX and agility-oriented skills by 10%. If the check is succeeded by over 50%, the dralasite still has the listed penalties from a successful check, but can also form twice as many pseudopods than normal under their normal amount of control.

Other races under the effects of Polophromalene treat it as a standard poison on the chart below. If a character's STA is reduced by half, he or she becomes paralyzed by muscle spasms for (d10/2)+1 hours.

Demu S4 / T10
Dralasite S1 / T30
Human S5 / T10
Humma S0 / T0
Ifshnit S5 / T10
Jakar S3 / T10
Osakar S4 / T12
Vrusk S4 / T10
Yazirian S3 / T12

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