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Mitocelenyne updated Mar 5th 1998  
[HTL] - Originally introduced to the Frontier through the Osakar, who used it as the standard sleep toxin on their needleguns, it was found to be quite erratic in it's use against the other frontier races.

Many races find Mitocelenyne to be an irritant, producing an allergic reaction including hives, itchiness, puffy eyes, etc. What this results in is a -10% (-1CS) on all actions until the reaction passes in d10 hours. This is not cumulative with dosage.

Dralasites exposed to Mitocelenyne report a body-filling "raspberry" flavour, and no other adverse effects.

Several races manifest mild anaesthetic effects, forcing a STA check at +20% to resist unconsciousness, and some few actually find the solution toxic.

Demu S5 / T4
Dralasite Raspberry
Human S5 / T3
Humma Irritant
Ifshnit Mild Anaesthetic
Jakar Irritant
Osakar Anaesthetic
Vrusk Irritant
Yazirian Mild Anaesthetic

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