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GyroJet Weapons updated Jan 17th 1998  
Even with the new munitions given in Tanks a Lot!, people with Gyrojet skill are looking at a slim weapon selection compared to the Projectile and Beam weapons lists.

Gyrojet Recoiless weapons are descendants of such experimental guns as the Gyrojet rifles and pistols developed on Terra during the mid 20th Century. The Ammunition consists of small, spin-stabilized rocket rounds which gather speed as they accelerate away from the muzzle of the weapon.

Recoiless weapons have the advantage of no recoil, while the slugs themselves will attain very high velocities and deliver excellent hitting power once they have reached full velocity (two to three times the damage of a 5.56mm round). Also they can be fired under water (50% range). Recoiless small arms have enjoyed popularity as they are unaffected by smoke and aerosols (which attenuate laser fire), and they do not drop off in velocity like conventional munitions, as their rockets fire throughout their flight.

Gyrojet Weapons continue to be in use in some regular forces, numerous militias, and training units. Civilian use is widespread in some areas. Long arm gyrojet weapons are sometimes referred to as "Cone Rifles" because of the generally conical shape of the rocket rounds.

The .58 Magnum Recoiless is the largest production revolver on the Frontier, and is the standard sidearm for the plainclothes Police units on the HellHound's Concourse and the cliched favorite of Private Investigators Frontier-wide. Chambered for a gyrojet round slightly modified from the Gyrojet Pistol, the Magnum Recoiless enjoys a more versatile ammo-load than most other revolvers in modern service.

The Gyrojet Carbine fires slightly larger munitions than the Gyrojet Pistol, but is designed in a short rifle / Sub MachineGun configuration that is concealable under long clothing or in a briefcase.

The Cone Rifle fires a much larger (18mm) gyrojet munition than the standard gyrojet rifle over similar ranges. It is popular as a solid assault rifle that can hold its own on the battlefield.

Zeus' Lightning is a Cone Rifle built to sniper specifications that comes equipped with a nightvision scope.

Weapon Damage Ammo Rate Range Defense Cost
GyroJet Pistol 2d10 10 shots 3 B Inertia Cr200
.58 Magnum Recoiless 2d10 6 shots 3 B Inertia Cr250
Gyrojet Carbine 2d12 10 shots 3 C Inertia Cr250
Gyrojet Rifle 3d10 10 shots 3 D Inertia Cr300
Cone Rifle 4d10 10 shots 3 D Inertia Cr600
Zeus' Lightning 4d10 10 shots 1 E Inertia Cr2000

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