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Character Creation updated Jan 14th 1998  
  • Character Generation Procedure: A guided procedure for creating a character for the New Frontier using all the optional character creation rules presented in this section.

  • Character Homeworld Generation: Generate a set of stats about the world your character was born on. These tables include Planetary Gravity, Atmosphere, and Climate which may affect your character's skills and stats.

  • Character Racial Stock: Racial Stock for characters, some canon (official) from both SF:AD and SF:ZG as well as 2 all new races. Choose from:
    • Human, loosely based on Terran Homo Sapiens.
    • Dralasite, amorphous empaths.
    • Yazirian, baboon-like creatures with Patagia.
    • Vrusk, insectoid centaurs and businesspeople.
    • Humma, rude, lewd party kagaroos.
    • Ifshnit, dwarven traders.
    • Osakar, six-limbed gangly... aliens.
    • Jakar, minotaurs and diplomats.
    • Demu, chitinous biped wanna-be borgs.


New and Old Technologies updated Mar 11th 1998  
  • MonoWeapons: Mono-Filament edged weapons. Ultra-Sharp tools for hand-to-hand and projectile combat.

  • GyroJet Weapons: Three new GyroJet weapons from the mid-range Gyrojet Carbine to the Sniper Cone Rifle.

  • The RazorGun Carbine: A new take on needler technologies, theRazorGun Carbine is a State Of The Art weapon seeing heavy anti-terrorist use.

  • The Sonic Disruptor: Another design basis for the Sonic Weapons, designed to attack metal and solids instead of proteins.

  • Scribble Lasers: A solid-beam laser (as opposed to most standard pulse lasers) designed to fire a wandering path accross an area.

  • Plasma Weaponry: A precursor to modern laser technology, plasmaguns produced massive damage, but were innacurate power-hogs.

Frontier Toxicological Reports updated Mar 19th 1998  
  • Polophromalene XT-7 - Mild neurotoxin with interesting effects on Dral muscle structure.

  • Mitocelenyne - A toxin orignally used on Osakar needle weapons which proved quite erratic against other Frontier races.

  • Vacuum Spider Venom - An oily contact neurotoxin produced by a parasitic space "insect".

Other Rules & Flavour updated Jan 15th 1998  

Outside Links updated Mar 5th 1998  

Other Information updated Mar 19th 1998  
  • What's New? the timeline for StarBase HellHound, listing what was added to the pages when, and any other relevant factoids.

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