average size:
average mass:
average lifespan:
body temperature:
2.6m tall
145 kg
125 years
heterosexual, viviparous
35 C

Physical Appearance and Structure

Jakar are tall, bipedal aliens with large heads sharing canine and bovine features, of which the bovine are noticed first as large, curled horns protrude from both sides of the skull. They are warm-blooded vegetarians with an internal skeleton. Both hands have three broad fingers and one opposable thumb, which allows them to grip and use tools. Arms and legs are jointed in similar locations to humans'. Their feet are exceptionally large and the four toes are capped with up to an inch thick nail.

Jakar skin color varies from a pale tan through a series of browns and red-browns to a rich chocolate brown. This color does not change as the Jakar matures. Jakar have a sparse hair covering over most of their body except the top of their extended muzzles. This hair darkens from blonde and birth until it reaches a color similar to their skin tone at maturity, then it gradually changes to gray or white as the Jakar ages.


Jakar have standard hearing and smell, as well as a refined sense of touch and taste. Their eyesight is just under human norm, but they have an inability to see red-on-green in most situations.


Jakar speak in a deep, rumbling voice. They have their own language of very round, long sounds which has almost entirely been supplanted by PanGal in all their social dealings except religion.

Society and Customs

Philosophical and diplomatic, Jakar society has evolved from their origin as herd-based herbivores into a quiet, friendly society where a fine balance between personal space and a need for proximity to the herd has been reached.

Jakar religion is a deeply ceremonial affair, always done in buildings without a roof. Even the most rebelious Jakar takes part or at least respects the religious elders, who act as a ruling council and from whom a Bull is elected by the people to lead the Jakar.

Those Jakar who show a need to be away from the herd, young bulls with ambition and energy, are pushed towards some of the few chances for excitement in the Jakar homeworlds, that of being an ambassador outside the herd.

Jakar are quite likeable, and those who know of them know them to be peaceful and quiet souls. But at the same time they are one of the most imposing species on the Frontier, standing head and shoulders above the other space-faring races, crowned with their mighty horns.

Jakar usually wear clothing over the lower part of the body, as well as elaborate belts and sashes, but rarely put on a tunic or shirt. Because of their large feet, Jakar rarely wear shoes and boots inside normal day-to-day conditions, saving them for rough terrain work, and even then they will often remove them when hey find grass underfoot. Attitudes

The Jakar enjoy the company of Dralasites, as they are both humourous as well as philosophical, a mixture the Jakar see in themselves. The Vrusk and Yazirians they find too frenetic, but still generally good, and they get along well with humans. Special Abilites

Intimidating. A Jakar's sheer size and build inspires a combination of fear and awe in others. A Jakar's Intimidation starts at 5% and is his ability to get his way by quietly standing to his full height, tipping his horns and flaring his nostrils.

Horns. Mounted on the Jakar's head is a pair of fearsome-looking, sturdy, horns. Jakar may charge into combat using their horns, dealing d12 damage in addition to their regular punching damage. This attack is at -10% because the Jakar cannot see what or whom he is goring at the time.