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Episode 3 - The Expansion


MonoWeapons updated Jan 12th 1998  
MonoWeapons utilize a monofilament wire stiffened by a low-intensity force field to render the edge able to shear through most substances with ease.

By necessity and economics, mono-bladed weapons are single-bladed (having one sharp side, and one blunt) and therefore the favoured configurations are oriental in style (Katanas, Tantos and Wakizashis) with some Mono Cutlasses seeing use in the various space navies.

Weapon Damage Bonus Defense Power SEU use
MonoKnife 2d12 +5 Inertia 10 SEU Miniclip 1 SEU/4 rnds
MonoWakizashi 3d12 +10 Inertia 20 SEU clip 1 SEU/3 rnds
MonoSword 4d12 +10 Inertia 20 SEU clip 1 SEU/2 rnds

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