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RazorGun Carbine updated Mar 11th 1998  
The RazorGun Carbine was introduced to the public eye during a daring anti-terrorist action by Star Law operatives. Soon it became synonymous with anti-terrorism and with the Star Law Anti-Terrorist Operations Division. The brutal black lines of the RazorGun Carbine are very reminiscent of old fourth-generation sub-machineguns or assault rifles, with the magazine in front of the main grip instead of inside it or behind it.

Vrusk RazorGun

What makes the RazorGun Carbine so useful is the multi-role versatility it has demonstrated. The basic design is that of a needlegun, loading standard needle ammo, but capable of full auto-fire. Since needle ammo is more effective against soft targets than conventional munitions, the advantage is immediately obvious.

But the main advantage it has in anti-terrorist ops, is that it can also load sleep-dart ammo, dealing less damage when fired into potentially friendly environments, and also delivering significantly more dosage due to it's multiple-hit probability (during burst fire, treat sleep loaded guns as standard autopistols for burst rules, but for each point of damage done above 10 points, reduce the target's STA by one for purposes of the stun save).

Weapon ammo type Damage Ammo Rate Range Defense Cost
RazorGun Carbine (barbed) 2d10/10d10 20 shots 3(1) B Inertia Cr950
  (sleep) 1d10/5d10 + sleep 20 shots 3(1) B Inertia Cr950

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