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Scribble Lasers updated Mar 11th 1998  
KS-3000 "Scribble" Beam Laser

The KS-3000 is a variation on a steady beam laser (as opposed to the standard pulse lasers) set to wander the beam over an area. The KS-3000 laser beamer is a carbine-sized weapon using standard 20SEU power cells, although 50 and 100 SEU packs are quite common since the weapon has such a heavy drain. Treat _all_ shots fired by the KS-3000 as being bursts (from the autopistol and autorifle rules) dealing either 5d10 damage (+1d10 per target, max 10d10), or 10d10 damage (+2d10 per target max 20d10) on settings A and B respectively. Setting A drains 10SEU and setting B drains 20SEU.

KS-5000 "Assault Beamer"

Also available is an under-over rifle configuration sold as the KS-5000. The KS-5000 has two barrel sets and firing/targetting systems. The upper weapon is a standard KS-3000 while the lower assembly is identical to a standard laser carbine (KE-1500). Both weapons can run off the same power source, but the weapon does come with two power couplings, usually set with a belt-pack for the Scribble Laser and a 20SEU clip for the KE-1500. (2000Cr)

Albedo Screens only require 1 SEU per 8 damage absorbed from a Scribble Laser, while Albedo Suits operate as normal.

Weapon Setting Damage Ammo Rate Range Defense Cost
SK-3000 -A- 5d10 burst 20SEU 1 burst C Albedo Cr1400
  -B- 10d10 burst 20SEU 1 burst C Albedo Cr1400

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