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Star Frontiers
Episode 3 - The Expansion


GyroJet Weapons updated Jan 12th 1998  
Sonic Disruptors are weapons which interfere with the normal molecular resonations of matter. The basic Sonic Disruptor is a rilfe-sized beam weapon which requires at least a thin atmosphere to fire. Damage from the beam decreases with range as the sound waves spread out. The Sonic Disruptor is an SPD, or a Sonic Protein Disruptor. It is effective against all hydrocarbon animal and plant life forms, but only deals half damage to inorganic structures and to silicate-based life forms.

A rarely-encountered version of these weapons exists though, known as the SMD, or Sonic Metal Disruptor. These are specifically designed to deal damage to inorganic structures, while only doing half damage to organic targets.

SMD versions of ALL sonic weapons exist, including marble grenades, but are hard to find and cost twice as much, three times in the case of grenades and warheads.

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