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Episode 3 - The Expansion


Weapons on this table are not the official weapons, but are the weapons used for my house rules games. All weapons use rolled damage instead of Zebulon's Guide max. damage system, and many have been modified for game balance or personal taste.

Also included on this list are several weapons that are new to the game. Most of these weapons can be found in the Tech section of the main page.

I should add that even in their reduced form on this page, I am still not comfortable with the damage per SEU of raffler weapons. For now I'm letting it go because of the limited ammunition (5 shots per clip) that each one carries as opposed to Laser weapons which can be hooked up to beltpacks and backpacks.

Not all weapons mods here are my creation, as many were taken from other Star Frontiers web sites and house rules. My apologies for not crediting their authors, as I added them to this list long before I considered publishing it to the net.

Weapon Range Damage Ammo SEU ROF Def Mass Cost
Snub Laser Ke-1000 B 1d8/SEU 10 SEU clip 1-5 2 A 1kg Cr600
Ke-1500 Laser Pistol C 1d10/SEU 20 SEU clip 1-10 2 A 2kg Cr750
Ke-2000 Laser Rifle D 1d10/SEU 20 SEU clip 1-20 2 A 3kg Cr800
Heavy Ke-5000 Laser E 1d12/SEU 100 SEU pack 5-20 1 A 20kg KCr6
Rafflur M-1 A 3d10 SEU microdisc all 1 Sy 0.5kg Cr300
Rafflur M-2 B 3d10 10 SEU clip 2 2 Sy 1kg Cr650
Rafflur M-3 C 3d12 10 SEU clip 2 2 Sy 2kg Cr825
Rafflur M-4 B 4d10 10 SEU clip all 1 Sy 3kg KCr1
Rafflur M-6 D 4d10 10 SEU clip 2 2 Sy 4kg Cr900
Rafflur M-8 E 4d12 10 SEU clip 2 1 Sy 5kg Cr1200
Rafflur M-10 E 5d12 100 SEU pack 5 1 Sy 22kg KCr8
Shock Pistol B 3d10 20 SEU clip 2 1 G 1kg Cr700
Shock Rifle / Lightning Gun C 5d10 20 SEU clip 4 1 G 3kg Cr1100
Sonic Disruptor A 6/4/2/1d10 20 SEU clip 4 1 S 1kg Cr700
Sonic Stunner A stun 20 SEU clip 2 1 S/ASI 1kg Cr500
Sonic Devastator B 20/15/10/5d10 100 SEU pack 10 1 S 15kg KCr5
Maser Penetrator B 3d10 10 SEU miniclip 2 1 M 1kg Cr675
Maser Razer C 4d10 10 SEU miniclip 2 1 M 2kg Cr850
WarTech Alpha-Bolt C 1d10/SEU 10 SEU miniclip 1-10 1 Gr 2kg KCr3
WarTech Omega-Bolt C 1d100 20 SEU clip 10 1 Gr 3kg KCr4
Musket BB 2d8 1 shot 1/3 I 2kg Cr200
12mm Bolt-Action Rifle D 2d10 20 rounds 1 I 4.5kg Cr150
Shotgun BB 4d10 burst 10 shells 2 I 3.5kg Cr200
AutoShotgun BB 4d10/10d10 20 shells 2 / burst I 6kg Cr600
7mm Revolver C 1d10 6 rounds 3 I 1kg Cr150
10mm Revolver C 1d12 6 rounds 3 I 1kg Cr175
Magnum Revolver C 2d8 5 rounds 3 I 1kg Cr225
7mm AutoPistol BB 1d10 23 rounds 3 I 1kg Cr150
10mm AutoPistol BB 1d12 17 rounds 3 I 1kg Cr200
Magnum AutoPistol BB 2d8 7 rounds 3 I 1.5kg Cr250
7mm Body Pistol A 4d10 3 shots 1 I 0.5kg Cr400
7mm SMG BB 1d10/5d10 30 rounds 3/burst I 2kg Cr200
10mm SMG BB 1d12/5d12 20 rounds 3/burst I 3kg Cr250
5mm AutoRifle D 1d12/5d12 30 rounds 3/burst I 4kg Cr300
7mm AutoRifle D 2d8/10d8 30 rounds 3/burst I 5.5kg Cr450
9mm AutoRifle D 2d10/10d10 20 rounds 3/burst I 8kg Cr650
Needle Pistol BB 2d10 10 shots 3 I 1kg Cr200
Needle Carbine B 2d12 10 shots 3 I 2kg Cr300
Needle Rifle C 3d10 10 shots 3 I 3kg Cr400
Needle Razorgun BB 2d10/10d10 20 shots 3/burst I 4kg KCr1
Light Machine Gun D 10d10 10 bursts 1 I 18kg KCr2
Heavy Machine Gun E 10d12 10bursts 1 I 22kg KCr3
Recoilless Rifle F 12d10 1 shell I 20kg KCr4
Gyrojet Pistol B 2d10 10 rounds 3 I 1kg Cr200
Gyrojet Carbine C 2d12 10 rounds 3 I 2.5kg Cr250
Gyrojet Rifle D 3d10 10 rounds 3 I 4kg Cr300
Cone Rifle (Heavy Gyro Rifle) D 4d10 10 rounds 3 I 8kg Cr600
Lightning Sniper Gyrojet (18mm Gyro Sniper) E 4d10 10 rounds 1 I 6kg KCr2
Grenade Carbine D as grenade 1 bullet RS 4kg Cr700
Grenade Rifle D as grenade 10 bullets 1 RS 8kg KCr2
Grenade Mortar E as grenade 1 shell RS 15kg KCr2
Rocket Launcher E 15d10 1 rocket I 15kg KCr5

Weapon Damage Modifier Defense Power SEU Use Mass Cost
Axe 2d10 +5 I 4kg Cr15
Bottle / Mug 1d5 +0 I 1kg
Brass Knuckles 1d10 +0 I Cr10
Chain / Whip 1d10 -5 I 1kg Cr20
Chair 1d10 -15 I 3kg
Club 1d10 -5 I 2kg
Electric Sword 4d10 / stun +10 G/ASI 20 SEU clip 2/hit 2kg Cr150
Katana 3d12 +10 I 2kg Cr100
Knife 1d10 +5 I 0kg Cr10
MonoFilament Knife 2d12 +5 I 10 SEU clip 1 SEU / 4 rnds 0kg Cr50
MonoFilament Short Sword 3d12 +10 I 20 SEU clip 1 SEU / 3 rnds 1kg Cr150
MonoFilament Sword 4d12 +10 I 20 SEU clip 1 SEU / 2 rnds 2kg Cr250
Nightstick 2d10 +5 I 1kg Cr20
Pistol Butt 1d10 -10 I
Polearm 4d10 -10 I 4kg Cr40
Rifle Butt 2d10 -5 I
Shock Gloves 2d10 +0 G/ASI BeltPack 2 SEU / hit 0kg Cr50
Sonic Knife 3d10 +10 So 10 SEU clip 1 SEU / hit 1kg Cr50
Sonic Sword 5d10 +15 So 20 SEU clip 2 SEU / hit 1kg Cr300
Spear 2d10 +15 I 1kg Cr20
StunStick 3d10 / stun +5 G/ASI 20 SEU clip 2 SEU / hit 1kg Cr75
Sword 3d10 +10 I 3kg Cr50
VibroKnife 2d10 +5 I 10 SEU clip 1 SEU / hit 1kg Cr25

Range Codes

Range Point Blank Short Medium Long Extreme
A 0-2m 3-5m 06-15m 16-30m 31-60m
BB 0-3m 4-10m 11-30m 31-60m 61-120m
B 0-3m 4-20m 21-60m 61-125m 126-250m
C 0-5m 6-30m 31-80m 81-200m 201-400m
D 0-10m 11-40m 41-100m 101-300m 301-600m
E 0-10m 11-100m 101-500m 501m-1km 1km-2km
F 20-250m 250m-1km 1km-3km 3km-6km

Ammo Type Cost Mass Energy / Rounds Notes
SEU Microdisc Cr10 0kg 1 SEU for watches, etc
Mini Power Clip Cr50 0kg 10 SEU designed for Rafflur weapons and some HTH weapons.
PowerClip Cr100 0kg 20 SEU standard power source for weapons & equipment
Power BeltPack Cr250 4kg 50 SEU
Power BackPack Cr500 10kg 100 SEU
7mm Pistol Bullets Cr2 0kg 20 bullets includes magazines for SMGs and Autopistols
10mm Pistol Bullets Cr3 0kg 20 bullets includes magazines for SMGs and Autopistols
12mm Magun Bullets Cr5 0kg 20 bullets includes magazine for Autopistols
7mm Body Pistol Loads Cr4 0kg 3 shots 12 bullets (4 round bursts) only useable in Body Pistols
5mm Rifle Bullets Cr5 0kg 20 bullets
7mm Rifle Bullets Cr7 0kg 20 bullets
9mm Rifle Bullets Cr10 0kg 20 bullets
20mm Shotgun Shells Cr15 0kg 10 shells
Pistol NeedleClip Cr10 0kg 10 rounds
Carbine NeedleClip Cr14 0kg 10 rounds
Rifle NeedleClip Cr20 0kg 10 rounds
MachineGun Belt Cr50 4kg 10 bursts
Recoilless Shell Cr10 1kg 1 shell
Pistol Jetclip Cr10 0kg 10 rounds
Carbine Jetclip Cr15 0kg 10 rounds
Rifle Jetclip Cr20 0kg 10 rounds
Cone Rifle JetClip Cr30 1kg 10 rounds
High Explosive Jetclips price x 10 0kg 10 rounds +1d10 damage
Smart GyroClips price x 10 0kg 10 rounds +10% accuracy, ROF:2, cannot hit deadsuit targets
Maxi JetClips price x 2 1kg 15 rounds
Grenade Bullet Cr3 0kg 1 round
Grenade Shell Cr8 0kg 1 round
Rocket Cr15 4kg 1 rocket

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